Third Party Reviews

Kevin Clairmont | June 30, 2018 |

"Typical sports clips. There was absolutely no line here when we went and my son and I were in and out in about 30 minutes."

Drew R. | June 17, 2018 |

"Constant stream of new stylists, pushing hard to upsell you. I'm not a hype person, and it feels too commercial Sorry, get someone else to buy your $23 pomade"

Brad Schultz | May 12, 2018 |

"Complete morons. Asked for a Mohawk fade. Explained where I need cut. First thing she does is cut the back of my head, using a one on a part that should stay over 1/2 inch long. Ugh. Literally didn’t listen at all and gave me a crew cut after I asked for a Mohawk fade."

Tom Moskos | April 05, 2018 |

"Always a good cut"

Henry Woods | April 07, 2018 |

"Been coming here since I moved to this area. Always great service and best prices in the area."

Jim Cooper | February 27, 2018 |

"Started coming here in 2014. Have seen many stylists/ managers come and go and I have seen this place go downhill this past year. Went in on Sat., signed in with a 26 minute wait time. Went next door to grab a snack and came back 25 minutes later. Looked and my wait time was not 35 minutes. I asked, who I think is a manager, what was wrong and why my wait time increased more than double. I was told that the computer does not recognize lunch time. So, lunch comes around and half the stylists disappear. I asked are you kidding me? What good is the self check in if it does not provide actual wait times? No way and I going to waste any more time at SCofWheaton nor return. Ridiculous"

Paul S. | May 09, 2012 |

"Many moons ago I worked in the Naperville area. Part of my gig was to interact with other local businesses and cross-promote them. My previous company cross-promoted with Sports Clips for some time. Having never been to a Sports Clips before, I figured, why not check it out. Perhaps they'll let me camp out all day and bring beer at night, right? Well, they didn't respond well to that marketing tactic, but the girls there did try to sell me on a haircut. I came in with the company's free haircut coupons that we used to distribute back at the office. It is for a basic cut, with no extra bells or whistles. The girl there did try to up-sell me on some type of massage and towel service, which I declined. Anyways, she was pleasant enough during the cut, which was fairly even, if nothing spectacular. It costs a bit more than your dad's barber shop, but less than your high-end salon. The main draw really is the sports games, or the extra services should you choose to bundle them. I no longer work in the area, plus you can only use one free haircut coupon per I.D. (they check your drivers license and require a phone number). If anyone wants an extra free haircut coupon, I still have a stack of them I've been giving away to friends. Any guy that wants some Yelpy love should just private message me and I'll hook you up cause I'm cool like that. Time to shear the sheep's wool, erm, hair."

John A. | October 26, 2012 |

"I should have known i wasnt going to like my haircut here when the lady asked what kind of clippers i use. I responded normally people just use scissors for my sides. After staring at me for a few minutes i gave up and let her use the clippers. Luckily for me she didnt use the scissors on my sides, She used them on the top and made the front of my hair look nice but then decided to make my hair longer in the back. I made a comment about it while she was doing i and she said it will look nice when she is finished. Not so much, i couldnt spike my hair anymore cause it looked ridiculous with the longer back. Then as i try to leave she tries to pressure me into buying all sorts of products for my hair, why would i buy products for hair from someone who cant cut well. When i went to my normal stylist, had to go to sports clips cause she was getting married, she asked if i cut my own hair. Hopefully she doesnt get married again, and considering her haircut is only 4 dollars more expensive than sports clips, i will not return to sport clips."

Megan B. | November 04, 2012 |

"I'm looking at possibility the worst haircut ever given to my son. It is so jagged it looks like a "piece". I won't be going back to this location."

Mike M. | June 18, 2014 |

"I got a fantastic hair cut here and it was given to me by a young lady with unbelievable customer service (Mare). If you go to this sports clips ask for her she is great at her job . The owners of this location should feel lucky to have her."